Northglenn Wrestling Est. 1965

NORTHGLENN NORSE WRESTLING   rich in history and tradition

Norse Wrestling

For over 50 years the Norse Wrestling Team has had a strong tradition of not only producing strong, technically sound wrestlers but also helping young men turn into productive citizens with a strong work ethic and good character.

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By Ricky Nava

     As I walk in, I observe bright lights, a hot breeze, and the sense of hard work ethic. Previously to walking in this room I see two signs: one sign stating, “Be humble in victory but modest in defeat” and the second reading, “Through these doors pass the toughest athletes at Northglenn High school.” Instantly I knew I was home forever just by the quenching desperation to be a champion. 

     My name is Ricky Nava: a wrestler in a place where I happen to be perfectly content. A place where I can be happy, nervous, angry, and even sad all at the same time a place I sleep, eat, breathe. As soon as I touch the mat floor, I get this tingling sensation as if I’m going to war. As a captain of the wrestling team I start the team off with some warm ups, stretching and the ability to loosen up. 

     Then coach says, “10 perfect takedowns, the move that’s going to win you a state title a move that you can hit and not one person can stop.” That’s just the rush that fuels my muscles my mind and my drive. I do as told; I hit my PERFECT 10 takedowns. Then we start doing our circuits, our cardio, our keys to success if you will, and when I see that first drop of sweat or blood or tears I feel as if I am king of the world. That not one person can stop me the feeling of knowing that I worked so hard I will see matches coming in my favor throughout the year. Although, that two-hour practice feels like the end of the world, I know I will end the practice better prepared for my match. 

     Before every match, I crouch down on my knees and I pray, “Lord give me the strength, the speed, and the ability to come out here and do my absolute best. Allow me to leave it on the mat and protect over my body Lord- Amen”    

     The wrestling room means the absolute world to me; it gives me the ability to get any negative emotions out and allows me to surround myself with positive people and positive activities. Every single day grants me the benefit to interact with people across the world and even give me not just wrestling lessons but life lessons making me more than happy to be in the wrestling room.



  • 5 Team League Championships
  • 10 State "Top Ten" Teams
  • 8 Individual State Champions
  • 72 Individual State Placers
  • Over 2,000 Alumni Wrestlers

Be a True Champion

"Modest in victory, humble in defeat." -- Dick Rush